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Identity in Christ

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AT TIMES, this is what I think that people think of me…..

  1.  I have gained weight.
  2.  I am judgmental.
  3.  I have split ends.
  4.  I eat too much.
  5.  I haven’t amounted to much for my age.
  6.  I don’t have major goals compared to so many at my age.
  7.  I have a crooked nose.
  8.  I have acne a lot of the time.
  9.  I am a complainer.
  10.  I have a lot of hair on my arms.

I literally made that list of 10 things that I think that people regularly think of me in less than a minute.

Isn’t it so easy to do this to ourselves? Look at the simplest of “flaws” in and about ourselves. But then we can look at a friend, family member, coworker or even a stranger and name off 10 amazing things that we see in them, right? Why is that? Because…. ready for this… we are our own worst critic, and we base our opinion about ourselves according to what we see on social media, at the beach, going into a clothing store, magazines, blah, blah, blah.

At my age (29) I am at the heaviest weight of my entire life. Does it get me down MOST of the time? OF COURSE!
Buuuutttt….. I am not doing very much to change that at the present moment, so ultimately that’s my fault.

Now, something that I have really been trying to figure out is “Who am I?”
At 29 you would think that I would somewhat have that figured out…. well looky here….. I continuously figure this one thing out about myself…

Too spiritual? The funny thing is, this is my reality and nothing can deter me from that truth.

I know that there are a lot of people who don’t have the same beliefs and all that stuff as me… that’s perfectly fine… but I would gladly hear you out on your beliefs and thoughts, so I would appreciate that same respect.

With that being said, it’s hard to live in a world that constantly says we have to be this skinny, this thick, this pretty, this fashionable and the like, but let me ask you, HOW DO YOU BENEFIT FROM ALL OF THAT?

Don’t get me wrong, health is one thing that I am realizing as a woman in my late 20’s is sooooo important. NOW, the first thing that is important, is your heart and mind.

In my experiences, I’ve noticed that I gravitate toward people who literally leave me wanting to find out what they do to be who they are. So that I can be them? ABSOLUTELY NOT! But to be a better version of who I am, because again, I am flawed beyond belief, but I am saved by grace.
With that, I can be confident in who God allows in my life to help me grow, help me improve so that ultimately, I would be someone who others would love to be around.

All that being said you guys, I don’t look for my worth in the latest fashion, the latest celeb gossip, the newest trend, the fanciest clothes, and accessories… My worth and identity come from who I am in Christ, and who I can love genuinely, and be light through Him.

Do you struggle with hearing the opinions of others and allow those opinions to determine who YOU are? Find out your true identity in Christ and start living YOUR life today.

2 thoughts on “Identity in Christ”

  1. Valid point Mom. Something I’m growing in every day, living in the freedom of being imperfect by myself and only being perfect through Him. I appreciate your rebuttal list 😉

  2. Intriguing thoughts. However, I think that life is #1 all about God. Not being perfect, but knowing who is and knowing what he does
    #2 reality of how one thinks can literally make or break a life, attitude or perception of things. While I understand not all can “think themselves better” like I tell most, you have to understand most of what people “feel” is how they think. If I may, give a gentle rebuttal to your list….. Again, it’s a matter of how you think.
    #1 ,” I have gained weight”
    You love good food
    #2 ” I am judgemental”
    You have strong options about things
    #3 “I have split ends”
    You need to get your hair done every time you get your dogs hair done….and spend as much
    #4 “I eat to
    There are alot of very good food choices and you are able to pick from many
    #5 ” I have not amounted to much for my age”
    You are only 29, have a good husband,awesome family and very good “furbaby” mom of 2!
    #6 ” I don’t have major goals compared to others”
    What others? Family should ALWAYS be the only people that you inspire to be EXACTLY like or the COMPLETE opposite of. That’s it. You will honestly never ever know the truth of “others your age”. You will only see what they want you see. You are awesome and amazing. People probably want to be more like YOU, than you realize. I know you have heard that.
    #7 ” I have a crooked nose”
    You are Irish, French and Spanish. Besides who has a perfect nose!
    #8 ” I have acne alot of time”
    Don’t pick at it! You have very good skin. You get bored or stressed and pick at nothing which becomes something.
    #9 , “I am a complainer”
    Well just stop. If you can’t fix what you complain about, then change it. Simply hard
    #10 ” I have to much hair on my arms,
    I bet your Mom told you to not shave them as a teenager, and you should have listened and still should.
    Its really all about how you think. We all know someone with the “sky is falling and life is horrible” attitude. My thought is, the sky is falling? Everything is bad? Hmmmm, just means I am closer to God and until he comes back, I have ALOT of work to do.

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