Am I Known By God?

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I am on this huge kick right now with Lauren Daigle’s newest album called Look Up Child. I highly recommend it. I had a fully thought out idea of how much I want to meet her. She is so in love with God and so passionate about her love for Him. It’s amazing! I thought of how nice it would be to just be friends with her. I thought about how if I wanted someone to just talk to about anything or have fun with, Lauren Daigle would probably be a cool person to hang out with. Now I am sure that she’s flawed just as much as I am, but fangirlin’ is in full effect lol.

I started to think about myself. I am very flawed but I’m a pretty decent person. I feel that I care about others the way I would want them to care about me, at least as much as I am humanly able to.

Then I look deeper into who I am and I think of all of the stuff that I think, say, and do behind the curtain of Sarah’s world. I think of how I selfishly want to be a homebody by myself at times. I think of how I hold negative thoughts about people and situations in my mind and heart. I think about the darker stuff that only God and a few people know about me. I think of things I have done in the past and try to manage them not dictating my future.

Would I want to be around me if I wasn’t me and knew all of these deep dark flaws about myself? HECK NO! Because I’m judgmental and superficial. How could I do that one thing but claim to be a Christian? How could I say that one thing but also say that Jesus is Lord of my life?

The beauty of my flaws is that I know someone who will always want to be around me, in this lifetime as well as the next. I know someone who loves me unconditionally, even knowing the deepest of me and then even deeper than that. He knows more about who I am than I know about me.

Am I Known By God?

I’m fully known by my God and yet, He still loves me. He promises that He won’t let go no matter what I do. His love is the greatest thing of things in this life. He can only love me unconditionally.

When I think about Lauren Daigle, I think about how God loves her, how she embraces it and how she expresses it and shares it with so many other people.

He wants to hang out with His imperfect kids because He knows He is the only One who can love us the way we should be loved. Sit and think about that today. YOU are fully known and loved unconditionally.

Have you ever struggled with the idea that God couldn't love you because of the bad things in your life? Do you ever wonder "Am I known by God?"

4 thoughts on “Am I Known By God?”

  1. Thanks so much Ash! It’s hard to be vulnerable, but it is necessary to help others dealing with similar issues.

  2. I love your authenticity!!! So bold of you to confess some of your flaws. I loved this post ☺️

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