6 Ways to Be More Productive


You know those days where your brain is ready to get going but your body isn’t? Or your body is ready but your brain isn’t? I am a victim of this issue a lot of times, and I have realized that some steps to becoming more productive work a little bit better than others. Here are the 6 ways I am still working on becoming more productive on the daily(ish).

1. Get Up When Your Eyes Open

Sometimes it feels so nice to just lay in bed and continue the cuddles with your blanket. You could probably lay there all day if you weren’t an adult, right? Something I have found to make it a little bit easier to get going is RIP THE BLANKETS OFF and get out of bed. Don’t give yourself the option of even thinking about staying in bed any longer than you think you need to. I know some of us don’t like this idea because staying in bed (especially on the weekends) is so “deserved” and feels so right. When you have stuff to do or people or animals are dependent on you though, it isn’t always the best idea to stay glued to your bed. So when you open them eyeballs, get up out of bed so you can get started on your day.

2. Jump Right into the Shower or Get Your Exercise On

This is something I am still working on (working out in the morning). I am getting better at just getting out of bed and taking a shower, so it will come in time. I find that taking a shower and getting ready for the day, helps my brain feel like, “We have stuff to do today” even if that means just working on my blog or cleaning the house. Getting a jump start on showering in the morning will actually save you time as well if you have somewhere to go later on in the day. Also, getting in an exercise session helps jump start your day as well because of the adrenaline and the endorphins pumping through your veins. Start doing SOMETHING when you first get up. It’ll get the hamster wheel going.

3. Drink Water/Coffee

I am a big-time coffee drinker and I don’t know if it will be slowing down any time soon. My water intake definitely needs an increase. I learned just recently about how our ligaments and tendons need water so that we don’t get injured and all that jazz…. well I don’t want to be in pain, and I want to take care of my aging body so that’s on my list of things to get going before I turn 30. Anyways, I would recommend getting in at least 3 cups of water down in the morning to hydrate yourself, and then take on some caffeine (if that’s your thing). I find that my creative juices start flowing after I have a cup of coffee, so my dependence on it is a real-life addiction.

4. Have Something to Eat

I have heard of people not eating anything in the morning staying alive. That is some real-life magic power if you ask me. I have to have at least a piece of banana or something. Maybe that’ll change once I focus on my diet and figure and all that good stuff (soon and really soon). But breakfast has been known to be the most important meal of the day, so….. there’s that. Something of nutritional value is obviously the best choice.

5. Get Started on Your To-Do List (If you have one)

Something I have learned about myself as I am getting older is how my brain LOVES lists! I mean my brain is obsessed with lists. I write lists for my lists so that I make sure I don’t forget any list or task that needs to be done. You wanna know my downfall? I make a list and then I forget about it and only about one thing gets completed. As you can see friends, we are all a work in progress. Let’s work on this together though. Make a list the night before and leave it where you can’t miss it. Maybe on the table where you eat breakfast and read it while you eat. Once you are finished eating breakfast, jump on that first task and only give yourself a certain amount of time to complete it. Watch how many things you can accomplish on your list. IT’S LIBERATING!!

6. Don’t Beat Yourself Up Over It

As I said, we are all a work in progress. The fact that you are even reading this blog is a sign of the first step toward becoming more productive. If you sleep in and stay cuddling with your blanket, spouse, fur baby, etc. then that’s fine. Once your brain has the thought of “I should probably get up now,” then get up and start your day. Don’t beat yourself up about it because it will cause you to become discouraged and all the negative self-loathing thoughts creep in. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Press forward and continue working toward being productive.

“The secret of getting ahead is by getting started.” -Mark Twain

Is it hard for you to be productive? SAME! Here are 6 ways to be more productive that I'm still working on in my own life. It's a work in progress!

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