3 Ways to Be More Like Jesus

Quick question, what is love to you?

When you are loved, does it make you stay the same or does it make you want to be a better person? I know personally, being loved encourages me to be better. It makes me feel happy, excited, important, and it makes me want to extend love to others.

Now, how do we love people? What do we do in order to cause someone to want to be a better person? What better person to look at to find the best example, than Jesus?

Jesus loved people so hard that people flocked to Him. Jesus put His life aside just to be there for people. I mean of course, His love was perfect and way higher and holier than we will ever be here on earth, but at least we have a template for how to love others.

He made it a point to allow His whole life and death, be for other people. He called people His friends, made time for children, fed people, healed people, and made people feel as though they were the only person that mattered to Him.

If we want to be anything like Jesus, we must want to love those around us to see them grow, flourish and blossom into the people who God has called them to be. How can we do this though if we are not perfect like Him? Let me give you just a few suggestions that we can all take into consideration and take action on.

1. Be Available

Make yourself readily available for whoever needs you. The more we make ourselves available for those around us, the more those around us will feel loved and important. Answer the phone call at 1 in the morning. Grab coffee with someone even if you just wanted to stay in for the night. Be available for whatever anybody else needs. Will it be hard? OF COURSE! But it will be worth it by all means.

2. Do the Small Things, because They Might Be the Big Things

Yes the small things definitely matter but don’t limit God on what He wants you to do for someone else. God has plans for each and every one of us. Just because it seems like a small part of your life, doesn’t mean that God isn’t using it for a big part in someone else’s life. The big things do matter as well, but just remember all things are being used for the good of those who love God and are called according to His purpose.

3. Love Unconditionally

Jesus never looked at people as sinners. He looked at them with love and had dinner with them, spent time with them and cared for them. Something that always gets me is that Jesus cooked for His disciples, and He fed the multitudes. He stinkin’ loves people through His actions. He loves people regardless of how they treated Him. Even all the way to that cross, He still loved them and forgave them. Dang! That’s love.

I have to suggest a beautiful book to you that highlights the way Jesus was in His time here on earth, and how His life impacted so many in that day but also people today. Bob Goff’s book Love Does talks about love in action and making yourself available for people, just like Jesus did.

May we love in such a way that people see Jesus. In each and every relationship we have with people, strangers or not, may we have hearts to take action in showing love for others.

What was the result of people being loved by Jesus? They became new in their mindsets and became free and excited about life. They wanted to be like Him, next to Him and share about Him. It was a contagious love that only He could have set a template for.

How can we be more like Jesus to our family, our friends, strangers?

John 13:34-35

Do you want to be more like Jesus to those you come into contact with? Here are 3 ways to be more like Jesus today. Start loving people the right way!

2 thoughts on “3 Ways to Be More Like Jesus”

  1. Exactly. If we look at how He loved/loves, then we would see that we should love all people regardless of what society has to say. Thank you so much for your feedback!

  2. Love this! Jesus is the ultimate example of love, what love is, how love should look, and He is our example. I try to be more like Jesus and love others, it’s not always easy, but you are right about how even the small things are important. Nice blog post!

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