3 Things I’d Tell my Younger Self

Aren’t there some things we all wish we would have known or realized sooner? I think we all have that something or multiple things, that we believe we could have been way ahead of if we had grasped it sooner in life. Let’s say I probably would be a lot further than where I am now. Well, here are the 3 things I would tell my younger self. (This post was inspired by this amazing podcast from Proverbs 31 Ministries Podcast.)

You’re not defined by imminent mistakes

As a believer, it’s hard to accept that there will be mistakes in your life. As a CHRISTIAN especially! Christians are portrayed as “perfect”, so a lot of believers seriously believe that making any mistake is going to send us straight to hell. NEGATIVE. Mistakes will be made one way or the other. The Christian is free from the guilt of sin when repentance (or turning away from sin) takes place because of Jesus’ death and resurrection. Jesus died so that those mistakes wouldn’t be held against us. He stands before God as pure, and if I am in a relationship with Jesus then I pretty much have a golden ticket to look pure in the eyes of God THROUGH JESUS

I know it sounds like I have the freedom to do whatever I want and make as many mistakes as I want and yada yada, but that’s not the case. Yes, mistakes will happen, but as a believer and because of what Jesus did for me, I have to try my best to live according to what I’m called to- be like Jesus. I don’t have to live my life AS JESUS because let’s face it, I won’t ever be perfect like Him on this side of heaven. When I’m walking day in and day out with Him though, things that may cause me to stumble, become less appealing and my heart is heavy when I make a mistake. The coolest part is that I’m not defined by the mistake that I’ll make or can make over and over again. I’m defined by what Jesus did for me and who He is in my life day in and day out. Don’t allow your mistake to define you and cause you to sit out because you think you’re not “qualified”. He doesn’t call the qualified, He qualifies the called.

3 Things I'd Tell My Younger Self

God’s love is unconditional; Man’s love is conditional. Focus on unconditional love.

Going through relationships of all kinds-family, friendships, dating, coworkers, etc- can be really tough and it’s so easy to make these relationships and love paramount in our lives. It’s easy because they’re tangible. The relationships in and of themselves are probably not the easiest, but it’s easier to focus on the tangible instead of the unseen. I’d have to say that if I would have grasped the unconditional love from the very beginning, I might not have a history of heartbreak and recurring poor choices replaying in my head. When the focus is on the one thing that can’t be moved or changed, everything falls into place. If I focus and depend solely on God loving me regardless of what I look like, what I smell like, my life choices, my weak attributes, my aging, my weight gain, then when a person who has conditional love for me comes along, it’d be way easier just to dismiss it. My identity isn’t based on what other people think of me, it’s based on the truth of who I am as God’s creation (check out my post here to read about identity in Christ). I truly wish I could’ve grasped that truth way sooner in life. God’s unconditional love leads to freedom in who I am in Him. Conditional love is based on a list of things that the other person wants you to be, therefore leading you to feel in bondage to that person’s opinion of who you should be. My identity is already chosen (was chosen before the beginning of time) and so was yours. START LIVING THROUGH THE UNCONDITIONAL LOVE GOD HAS FOR YOU AND START BRINGING HIM GLORY.

Live in the freedom of who you are in God’s eyes, and solely bring HIS NAME glory

Once the realization, acceptance, and appreciation of who you are in Christ is taken in, it’s time to start living it out. I wish I’d truly known this long ago. I’m still trying to live this one out. I find that the opinion of others isn’t what I’m wrapped upon, but it’s my own voice that I start listening to. I’m currently growing in who I am in Christ and what He’s calling me to. This blog is a part of it all. If I’d accepted who I am in Christ 2 years ago, this blog would’ve been started 2 years ago. Now that I’m still growing in it, I have the motivation, the ambition and the excitement to freely do what He’s calling me to do. He’s calling me to bring glory to His name through this blog and a few other outlets. If I continue to listen to my own negative thoughts about how it MIGHT NOT WORK, then I’m not living in the freedom that He’s called me through Christ. It’s time to take action because faith without action is dead, and ain’t nobody got time for that! Haha

Honestly, I love it when I find God leading me to type out a blog post that speaks to me so deeply. That’s typically when I realize just how amazing it is that He’s the One orchestrating everything, and all I truly have to do is be obedient to what He’s saying. I truly hope that this helps one or two or 500 of you. I know someone needs to read this! 

Let me know your thoughts below. It’s always encouraging to hear your feedback on what God’s speaking to you about! 
Live in His love, and take action on what He’s calling you to do. No more excuses! 

If you had the chance to go back and tell your younger self some things, what would they be? Take a look at the life-changing things I'd tell my younger self.

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