30 Things I’ve Learned by 30

With this being a blog that will be published a day before my 30th birthday, I figured it was appropriate to give you 30 life lessons I’ve acquired in my 30 years (give or take) of being alive…

At almost 30 years old, you would think we have everything figured out. Well, I don't have everything figured out but here are 30 life lessons I can share.
  1. God is the ONLY constant in life. Having a relationship with Him through Jesus is the only way to know your purpose and identity.
  2. My family is the second constant in my life. They’re my gang. They’re also my best friends.
  3. Being married is great, but it’s taught me things that have changed my view on who I am. It has bettered my husband and me in some regard, which has resulted in a better marriage.
  4. My plan and idea for my life haven’t turned out how I thought it would. I say this because I married my husband who I knew when I was in 5th grade. We both lived separate lives, went through different relationships but were brought back together after all of that. Crazy how things work out that way huh?
  5. My entire life God has been preparing me for my purpose. It’s mind-blowing! Even while planning and writing my book, I see that there may be life-altering things that need to be added to it.
  6. Fear will hold you back if you let it. DON’T LET IT! IT’S A WASTE OF TIME. LIVE YOUR PURPOSE NOW.
  7. The past is a time-waster if you dwell on it. The longer we stay in our past, the longer we keep ourselves from living in the present. Letting go of the past and all of its potential crappiness could be one of the biggest tips I’d give to ANYONE.
  8. COMMUNICATE. COMMUNICATE. COMMUNICATE. When we hold things we’ve dealt with inside, it begins to manifest itself in sicknesses or pain within our body. Being open with others makes you vulnerable but it also helps you live as your most authentic self. So LET IT OUT!
  9. Your life is not to be lived for you. It’s a gift that God gave you to share with others to help them with their life. Stop thinking about yourself first. Think of others as higher than yourself. GOD’S GOT YOUR BEST INTEREST AT HEART.
  10. As adults, my siblings became closer and I realized that they’re my life long friends that CAN’T leave. HAHAHA! SUCKERS! lol No, but, when you grow old with people, you connect on a whole different level. It’s more of a PRIVILEGE to love them and live life with them as opposed to HAVING to love them. (I’m not crying, you’re crying)
  11. Don’t you dare underestimate God and His love for His kids.
  12. Prayer changes everything. I’ve learned this in so many different situations. One time, in particular, was on my Haiti trip, when we ran out of water and God provided! (I’ll write a whole blog post about that because- DANG!) No need is too small to pray for. You can’t find something? Pray. I promise that I’ll talk about that in that blog post too.
  13. Death is a sucky thing, but it does something within a family dynamic. For my family, after losing my grandma 3 years ago, we hold onto the time and moments much closer. We appreciate each other more. Accepting death is the hardest part, but unfortunately, it’s a part of life.
  14. High school drama is not worth your time! I know that sounds dumb coming from an almost 30-year-old, but let me tell you, that stuff will impact your adult life if you let it. Stay out of the drama! Just focus on the education aspect and get out.
  15. Right now might not feel like this is where I’m supposed to be, but this is EXACTLY where I’m supposed to be. Enjoy the season and the process of life.
  16. Do the things you enjoy while you’re young. Tomorrow isn’t promised, so there’s no point in waiting until “the end” to start living life. TAKE CHANCES!
  17. Give when you don’t have much to give. The joy of this simple act is greater than any amount of money anyone can have.
  18. Do EVERYTHING as if God were standing right there with you… because He is.
  19. GO TO PENNSYLVANIA AND SEDONA, AZ! Those two places changed my life forever. Just travel somewhere outside of your comfort zone. You won’t regret it.
  20. Understand and accept that you’re not always right. Other people have thoughts and opinions, so LISTEN!
  21. Watch what you say and do in front of children because they’re going to mimic what you do more than what you say (which they’ll also mimic what you say, so keep that in mind).
  22. Start taking care of yourself at a young age. Sunscreen, working out, eating healthy. It’s so much harder to do when you get older.
  23. Laugh more! Don’t take yourself and life so seriously. HAVE FUN!
  24. STAY LOYAL to everyone that you come into contact with. Loyalty and honesty go a long way.
  25. The truth will set you free. I try my hardest not to lie even about small things. Mama always said that if you start with one lie, you’ll have to remember that one and then it becomes a snowball effect. People get hurt and you lose the trust of others. DON’T LIE!
  26. Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see. Wise words from my dad. I like this saying when it comes to people who gossip. If I want the truth, it’s best to just go to the source.
  27. Spend time with Jesus regularly just like any other person you’re in a relationship with. I find that when I don’t spend the time with Him, I’m more stressed, more depressed, more down on myself and that ain’t a way to live.
  28. Fur babies are children. I have two and they need my love, attention, care, and affection just as much as a human child. The only difference is that my fur babies can stay at home alone while I’m at work.
  29. My husband is my best friend. We get to do life together and work through the valleys and the mountaintop moments. It’s hard at times, but it’s beautiful.
  30. Worrying only adds wrinkles and health issues in your life. Don’t worry, be happy.
  31. Being an emotional person doesn’t mean that you’re weak. Don’t love any less than you know God is calling you to love someone.
  32. God has such a huge plan for each one of our lives. It’s our job to talk to Him to find out what that plan is. He will guide and provide where ever He’s calling you to. Each one of our purposes helps make up the big picture. We should all try understanding that and work together as opposed to fighting each other.

There are many more lessons that I’ve learned in my life, but these were the ones I felt needed to be shared. Please share with anyone you think may benefit from this list.
By next year (31 years old) friends and family, I will have written a book and helped many people be more intentional in their relationships with God, others and themselves. Not by who or what I am, but by who God is and what He’s doing through me and you.
Happy birthday to any other December babies out there! MAD LOVE!

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