How Does Prayer Change Things?

Do you believe in prayer? How would you define prayer? Do you believe it to be of any importance?
I strongly believe in the power of prayer. Prayer is simply a conversation with God about the things that are going on in someone’s life. Prayer has been a very real thing for me for as long as I can remember. There’re a few different stories I wanna squeeze into this blog. Here are just a few of my stories:

Prayer in Relationships

Have you ever been in a relationship that you knew, without a shadow of a doubt, you weren’t supposed to be in? Me too. Ever been in one that you felt you couldn’t get out of because life couldn’t go on without that person (eye roll). Me too. A relationship I was in for 7+ years had a lot of prayers going into it. The sad and unfortunate part was that most of my prayers were prayers of release from the relationship, but also the flesh in me caused me to stay in the relationship. I prayed that God would allow the relationship to end on multiple occasions and EVERY TIME God allowed the breakups to happen. To say we had an on-again, off-again relationship would be an understatement. By the end of the relationship, I was able to look back and realize that ultimately we weren’t meant to be together, and God was trying to protect me each time He allowed the dude to call it quits.


About 7 years ago was probably the most desperate prayer I’d ever prayed. “Lord please get me out of this because I can’t call on ANYONE else right now. You’re the only One hearing this prayer and the only One who understands what the whole deal is right now. Take me out of here.” Within two days of this prayer, a one and a half year hard relationship I was in came to an abrupt end. I was heartbroken, hurt, relieved and strengthened in a way that I never could have imagined. Let’s just say that I wasn’t the same woman I was after that relationship in many different ways. God not only pulled me out of a horrible situation, but He allowed me to grow a backbone that I lacked for so many years. He showed me to hold onto that mentality in preparation for my next relationship- my marriage ;). Only God could have grown me as much as He did to be ready for marriage.

How Does Prayer Change Things?

Answered Prayers through Friends/Family

Are you the one who’s always checking in on others but neglect yourself? Me too. There’ve been so many times (too many to count) where this has happened, but each time it happens, it reminds me that I’m not forgotten. I’ve gone through bouts of depression and loneliness, and the only thing I can do is cry. Through the crying though, I’ve begged God to remind me that I’m important. HE’S NEVER FAILED TO REMIND ME. Whether it’s my dad, my grandma, my uncle, or a friend texting, God uses these people just to say “Hey I was thinking of you and checking to see how you’re doing.” Those calls or texts have been the results of me praying for God to use me in the same way. So if you ever randomly receive a call or text from me, know that God’s just answering prayers left and right! 🙂


Over my years, mostly as an adult, I’ve kept my circle of friends very small. I’ve never allowed myself to get to know more than a few people at once. 1. I’m able to be more intentional with just a few people. 2. The more friends, the more people who know things about you (trust issues I’m still working on 🙁 ) There was a time though about 2 years ago where I began praying that the friends that weren’t meant to be in my life anymore (or vice versa) would be removed, but those genuine and wise friends would be available and more intentional. Some friends that I kept close slowly dwindled and new friendships began to grow and flourish. I have respect and much love for the ones that are no longer in my life, however, there are seasons we all go through. The beauty of the current friends I have is the wisdom that these women carry and share. Their love for God and the things He’s doing in their lives and others’ lives is contagious. THOSE ARE THE KINDS OF FRIENDS I PRAYED FOR.

Prayer… A Must

One particular time, prayer became such a necessity that it was kind of unsettling. I was journaling one night and then I was just overwhelmed with such sadness and heartbreak. I started crying as if I had lost someone or dealing with some sort of broken heart. A specific person came to mind and I started praying for them. I prayed until I stopped crying. A couple of days later I found out that a break of pretty decent proportion was going on at that exact moment in that exact person’s life! Like, who would have known that!? I was shocked yet so honored to be able to pray for that person during that time even though I wasn’t even sure why I was praying. It still amazes me today when I think about it. Only God knew that person needed prayer at that point in time.


A huge lesson in prayer I learned while in Haiti on a missions trip (the only one I went to just FYI). I was at a college compound with a group of about 15-20 other people. We had breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day, and it was warm in Haiti at this time so showers were a MUST pretty much every day or every other day. One night at dinner, someone came into the compound and told everyone that we’d run out of water. Now, this could have become a bad situation that we all could have started stressing about. I mean there wasn’t a cloud in the sky that day and it didn’t seem possible that any rain would be coming in. We also couldn’t just go grab some water in the middle of the night. It’s not like you just go down the street to Walmart or a convenience store. You gotta wait on rain for your water. Instead of freaking out about our lack of water (which I internally am guilty of), Pastor Brian, our leader, joined us together to pray. He began talking to God and letting Him know of the situation, and before the prayer was even finished the rain began! It rained all night to the point where the well was filled to the brim!!!! MIND BLOWN! PRAYER WORKS!

Prayer Redirects our Will to God’s Will

Now whether you believe in God or not, it’s hard to deny that He’s listening to our prayers. No, not all prayers are answered the way that we want them to, but they are always answered. I remember my pastor always saying, “Sometimes God’s answer is yes, no or wait.” I feel like we view prayer as a wish list in hopes that our will would be done as opposed to what God has planned. That’s why half the time we feel that God doesn’t answer prayers.
The more we pray, the more our hearts and minds are changed, surrendered and directed to the will of God. The more He starts making Himself known through prayers, the more we want to pray to remember that He IS there.
Today, I want to invite you to talk to God through prayer. Ask Him what truth is. I promise this is one prayer He’ll answer with a lifetime of wisdom, people and life experiences that will show you that He is the truth!

Does prayer change things? Here are my stories about prayer. From relationships to dire situations, find out how prayer changes things.

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