6 Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

This post is so special to me because it will help you find a gift for that special momma or mommas in your life. I decided that I would give you guys some cute gift ideas for the special lady/ladies for Mother’s Day!

My mom has always loved homemade gifts and so my intention is to obviously get that done for her. I’ll share with you this week what I ended up making her. Surprise, surprise. (Also, keep scrolling to the bottom to check out the SHOUT OUT TO MY MOMMA!) But the whole concept of this post is to give a shout out to local small businesses who specialize in customizing their own creations, and I think it is so special to support a business while also getting something so unique for that special woman/women. These small businesses are located in and through Southern California.

1. Flowers

Floral Florettes

Get your special lady a beautiful bouquet of flowers with Florette Florals. Sometimes a simple flower can make a woman smile. Men, take note. These bouquets are so beautiful and specially made. These ladies are so creative in their designs, and make a simple flower look magical in a bouquet!


2. Bohemian Attire

Ruby Blleu

If you’re woman/women doesn’t really go for flowers, how about something uniquely recreated and altogether new Bohemian that she can wear made by Ruby Blleu. She puts her heart and soul into here creations. The woman/women in your life is/are one of a kind so why not get her something that stands out from the rest? 


3. Photo Session

Brenna Kate Photo

If the women you know are anything like my mom, there is a lot of sentimental value in pictures for them. If you are looking to get a photo shoot with or for your woman/women around you, check out Brenna Kate Photo. She does amazing shots for those special occasions! If you are in the Ventura or Riverside Counties in California, she’s your girl!


4. Farmhouse Furniture & Home Decor

Vargas Farmhouse Furniture

Another fun gift idea for that special woman is some farmhouse furniture and decor for her home specially made by Vargas Farmhouse Furniture. I love the designs they come up with because they stay true to the farmhouse theme. Beautiful work!

Wooden Stove Top Cover

5. Essential Oils

The Song Bird Essentials

With the essential oils craze going around, why wouldn’t I stick it in there? Essential oils are such a good way to live a more holistic lifestyle so maybe the women in your life would like to try them out? Here’s a special link for you to get started living that essential oils life https://yl.pe/53pd

6. Special Print Outs

Simplicity Magnified Creations

Last but not least, how about a little something you can print out that has just the right words for that special woman/women in your life. Click here to check out my creations portfolio! Printing these and putting them in a picture frame can be a simple DIYish gift! 🙂



I’m going to take this small opportunity to brag on my momma real quick. My mom has literally made me the woman I am today. As she (along with my dad) raised all four of us little rascals, she instilled in us the most amazing gift; love. She showed us what love was from her making sure we tied our shoes all the way to reminding us to put on the armor of God. My mom’s faith in God has saturated her kids’ minds and hearts. If it wasn’t for her, we wouldn’t know to pray and believe that God is real and more than able to provide for His kids. She instilled in us to be grateful for the things and the people that God has allowed in our lives. She showed me personally what being a wife was about. Taking care of things around the house as well as being a helpmate to my dad after long shifts at work was what I saw and took with me into my adult life. My mom showed me how to lead by example. From as far back as I can remember, because of my mom, I always wanted to be a stay at home mom and wife.

Because of YOU, MOM, I am strong, I am growing, I am confident in the Lord, I am a wife, I am a mom (fur moms count too!), and I am able to put into practice everything you taught me as a child. You are the biggest blessing that God could give a woman. You continue to hold such confidence, such trust and such strength in God. Don’t ever change that. Don’t ever forget that you matter, and you are just as important to me today as you were to me as a child. Today as a woman, as your daughter, I thank you for being who you are and loving me and your family the way you do. Your heart is gold, and you are the greatest gem. Don’t you ever forget it! Love you Ma!


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