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9 Budget Friendly Date Ideas for a Homebody Couple

Whether you are brand spankin’ new to marriage, you have a few years of experience or if you are 40 years in, here are some ideas for you and your spouse to try out!

No matter what anyone says, no one really likes the mundane day to day, week to week, month to month, year to year “date idea”- dinner and a movie in your living room (or is that just me?). However, some people would prefer it because it is easy, quick and you don’t have to go anywhere. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I don’t want to go anywhere either. But IF you are a stay at home wife, and you pretty much live inside your whole life, it’s nice to change things up a bit and get out.

My husband and I are typically homebodies, but there are times where I have to ask him to take me out once in a while. Luckily for him, I’m a simple gal. I can’t stand the thought of spending our life savings on an outing or a shopping spree. I would rather use some gas to go have lunch at a park, people-watch somewhere, go for a walk somewhere, take our dogs to a dog park, sit outside together, etc.

So, I figured, for anyone else who enjoys doing the things that don’t cost an arm and a leg, you would enjoy this list of inexpensive date ideas for the homebody just trying to get out of the house and enjoy civilization.

10 Inexpensive Date Ideas

1. Coffee Shop

When we took our last trip to Sedona, we went to a local coffee shop (Oak Creek Espresso) and it was so tranquil being in that beautiful city enjoying a cup of coffee with my main dude (only dude of course). Literally some of my favorite things in the same vicinity was a dream- my husband, coffee, Sedona, chill vibe, being present. This was such a memorable time to just sit and be with my husband.

2. Trip to a Local Park

My husband and I used to do this a lot when we first started dating. We would sit at a park and eat food, chat, nap and just hang out. Playing board games could also be fun, and definitely something that my husband and I have to do. I have actually seen this lawn game 3-in-1 deal on Amazon that you can play outside. That would be fun and quite interesting.

3. Weekend Camping Trip

Camping is another thing that is dear to mine and my husband’s heart. Setting up a tent, cooking over a campfire, sitting in nature, watching the dogs watch the squirrels, relaxing- CAMPING!! *heart eyes* This could be quite inexpensive if you plan right. We typically just get some canned foods, fruits and veggies, and packaged snacks that we don’t have to refrigerate and survive off of that for the weekend while camping. It’s the experience that counts anyway right? (Nice way to let go of technology for a bit, amirite?)

3. Massage & Walk

My husband and I took a trip to Vegas a while back, and we got the best couples’ massage. I am always kind of skeptical about getting massages, especially hole in the wall places, but thank God for reviews on Google! We got our massages, and then we ventured onto the strip and ended up watching a Cirque de Soleil kind of show! *mind blown* Obviously you don’t have to go to Vegas to get a massage, but getting a massage and walking around a mall would be semi equivalent.

4. Front/Back Patios

Something my parents actually do and instilled in my siblings and I was enjoy time together. They literally built a front patio with the idea of us kids having friends over and having bonfires. They have been at the same house for 15 years now, and that porch is still being used for gatherings of some sort. This is obviously still something you can do at your house, BUT you are outside and you are simply enjoying life together. Maybe have a home-cooked meal on the patio, watch the sunset, listen to music, etc. It’s a true bonding experience.

5. Something New

This is such a fun idea. The older I get, the more I realize how much I would love to try some new things. Trying something new for the both of you would be so fun and exciting and maybe scary haha. I have (and probably never will) never been skydiving, but my husband would jump out of a plane if he had the chance today. To compromise (that’s what marriage is about right? lol) I would do one of those indoor skydiving experiences. It would be something new and exciting. Think of things you both have never done and make a date out of it. (You might need to plan ahead a bit and save some money, but I think there are some pretty inexpensive experiences out there ;))

6. Beach

I lived in Orange County, CA for about 2 years, and I can truly say that some of the most fun I had was at a park or on a beach. I definitely didn’t spend enough time at either, but when I did, it was so much fun. Going to a beach allows for so many activities; volleyball, surfing, rollerblading, bike riding, skateboarding, football, baseball, frisbee, etc. Something fun that a group of friends and I did one time was we got some balloons and put some glow sticks in them and hung out listening to some music and had a bonfire together. That would be a very romantic and special thing that could be done for your spouse! Super cool! SO MANY POSSIBILITIES!!

7. Bike Ride

Something my husband and I did a few different times was take a bike ride in our hometown. We had some bikes (one my dad gave me.. thanks Pop!) that sat in the garage for a while and one day we just decided to go on a bike ride. It was so nice, healthy, AND FREE! πŸ™‚

8. 20 Questions

If your spouse is anything like my hubby, he is not really one for deep conversations (totally fine, some people just aren’t). Soooo, sometimes I like to randomly ask him questions about different things. I think this is good to do especially with opened ended questions about what they are thinking. In the process, you get to learn even more about the person you married! YAAAY!

9. Penny Date

The Penny Date is something I accidentally stumbled upon, and I’m so glad that I did. Something that I love, is spontaneity. This game is exactly that, and it doesn’t have to cost anything other than gas (which I understand can be pricey. What can you do ya know?) You take a penny, and before you hit the end of your street or the first stop sign, pick a number, flip a penny. Whatever number (10-20) you pick is how many times you flip the coin. Heads is right, tails is left. Every time you hit a stop sign or light, turn in the direction the penny says. The coolest part is that when you hit the number that was picked, you literally stop there and have a date there. Obviously try doing this in the day in a safe-ish area lol.

Spending intentional time to do things that get you out of your daily mundane, opens up the lines of communication and opportunity for fun! It’s okay to still have fun and enjoy life TOGETHER! You’re married forever, EMBRACE IT AND TAKE IN EVERY MOMENT!

8 thoughts on “9 Budget Friendly Date Ideas for a Homebody Couple”

  1. Love this so much thank you for sharing this Sarah seriously! The penny date is a really awesome spontaneous date idea LOVE!

  2. ❀ glad you liked it. Hopefully you guys have fun doing even one of these 😊

  3. You’re Susie. I’m glad you liked it. Yeah I want to try that one with Hugo too. Seems so fun 😁 let me know if you guys try it first πŸ˜‰

  4. I love these ideas!!πŸ’• I’m definitely going to try the 20 questions😊 It seems like we only talk about bills, jobs, or kids!! I don’t want talk about regular β€œstressful” stuff on date night πŸ˜‰ so 20 questions would be great 😊😊

  5. Ugh girl us too! I always ask my husband about him and it’s like he doesnt know how to answer…. we have to make a change 😁

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