Hi there! I’m Sarah Z.

I’m so excited, nervous and relieved that I’m FINALLY starting this blog after almost two years of just talking about it ( like a lot of other things… definitely gonna need to elaborate on that one). I really thought about everything that I wanted this blog to be, and it’s been decided that Simplicity Magnified will focus on how to have more intentional relationships.

After some time of prayer, I realized the purpose of getting these things out to the world. Yes, this whole website was based on the sole idea of reminding people of the simpler things in life. That idea as a major lifestyle will be intertwined throughout the whole website, however, the focus has been directed to living in more INTENTIONAL RELATIONSHIPS with God, others as well as ourselves. It’s so important for us to have relationships. We were created for community and fellowship.

The first relationship that I know and believe that every relationship stems from is the vertical relationship, with God the Creator. Through Him, all things were made. So with a solid relationship with Him, we’re guaranteed guidance, patience, unconditional love and all the necessities of maintaining any other relationship with the imperfect people around us. He’s perfect, but we’re imperfect in need of Him to walk us through it all. That’s just a snippet of what’s to come on that topic 😉

The second relationship is the relationship with others. Yeah, I know, there are a lot of introverts. I’m one of them. But the purpose of life is not to focus only on yourself, but to extend the perfect love that you’re graced with every day to someone horizontally. The person sitting next to you, the family member, the coworker, the friend, the random stranger. There’re so many ways to be a vessel of grace, love, and kindness to someone EVERY DAY!

Last but definitely not least, the relationship with yourself. I understand that nowadays for some reason, there are so many “self-help” “self-care” books, quotes, seminars, videos, etc. Now I’m completely 100% for taking care of yourself, but not to the extent that people are taking it these days. There’s a fine line between being self-absorbed and confident. Obviously being self-absorbed is when someone’s full of themselves, and they need everyone to know about it, and they forget others in the process. Confidence is being solid in who they are regardless of if people like them or not, and encouraging others to do the same. Taking care of yourself is great, but I want to highlight the things we can do in order to maintain a healthy relationship within ourselves while remembering others in the process.

Of course, while I share the different aspects of relationships that can usually be overlooked or forgotten, I’ll definitely be open to sharing personal thoughts about my faith, and what God’s done in the past and what He continues to do because believe me you, those are the best stories. Those will be the best blessings that I can share with anyone.

Ultimately, I want this small space of the internet to be a place where anyone curious about being more intentional in relationships, can come and read some ideas, tips, and encouragement from an average Jane trying to make the best out of each and every relationship that I’m blessed with. I’m definitely no professional, but I feel I’ve dealt with many different types of relationships and each of them has taught me one thing or another.

I pray you’re encouraged, intrigued, uplifted, changed and motivated to make a difference in every person’s life that you come across through simple acts of love.