A Few of My Favorite Things

So, here is an ongoing list for you.

What’s This All About?

You may be wondering, “What is the purpose of this page?”

If you know any other bloggers, our eventual goal is to work from home and be our own boss, so that involves multiple streams of income.

Affiliate links are one way to generate a stream of income. It’s very small, but it definitely helps.

Let me reassure you of something. On this page, you’ll never find ANYTHING that I haven’t bought or used myself.

Anytime I share and you guys make a purchase from the link from my site, I do make a small commission from your purchase AT NOT COST TO YOU (you’re only paying for whatever you buy).

Still confused? It’s like this, you go into a store and you find a product that you love, you buy it and you tell everyone you know about it… but you aren’t compensated for the free advertisement you gave that company’s product.

Does that help a little bit?

I only recommend things that I’ve personally used and loved, recommend it to you guys and IF YOU MAKE A PURCHASE, I make a very small amount of money from recommending it to you guys.

I don’t make money off of everything or everyone that I list below. Just to give you guys some clarity, I’ll put one these little guys (*) next to the ones I do make a small amount from.

ANYWAYS, now there are a few different categories I want to include for you guys so here we go.



I’m a big book reader, so I’ve got a lot I want to recommend to you guys.

Eventually, you will be able to find my very own book under this category. December 2020 is the aim to have it done, just FYI! 🙂

Small Businesses

I’m all for shouting out and supporting small businesses. So I’ll be using this category to do that.

I added this one because I know the importance of supporting people who are chasing after a vision to help others in some way, shape or form all while trying to provide for their family.

DIY Gifts

My mom always loves a good DIY gift made with love and meaning.

I’ll also include my very own creations here in the near future.

So since Simplicity Magnified is all about intentional relationships, there will be lots of these recommendations for you guys!


I’m currently an affiliate with a company called Elevated Faith.

They have the simplest, yet most powerful apparel, jewelry, and stickers.

Their mission is to help people start conversations about their faith with the cool stuff they offer. The thing I love most about them is that they donate to charities and organizations that help improve the lives of others!

I have a couple of things I can offer you as an Elevated Faith rep.

  1. You can use this code to get a 10% discount when you shop!
  2. If you want to become an EF rep too (all you do is buy the products you love, talk about them on your social media and let people know of the discount you can offer them, and you make a little extra side money. NOTHING CRAZY) you can follow this link.

The slide below shows only a small number of things that are offered on their website. Go check it out for yourself here.

I also plan on partnering with other companies geared in the same direction in the future.

Simple, Affordable and Meaningful

This is where I’ll share with you the different gifts that I’ve bought just on the fly.

I want this category to encompass the “general gift” for a birthday, graduation, etc.

Practical Recommendations

Here, I want to give you guys the things that I personally have bought for myself that were really practical for everyday life.

Like I mentioned before, this will be an ongoing list as I make different purchases, read different books, etc. So keep your eyes on this page for the most updated list of my favorite things.

Thanks so much for your support!