*Recommended Books

This is an ongoing list that I want to provide for those of you who love to read.

I myself am a book worm, so here are just a few of my recommended books.

Yes, I do make a small commission from any purchases you make here AT NO COST TO YOU.

I hope you enjoy these books and learn and grow after reading them!






This is one of those books that slingshotted me into being serious about my life and figuring out my purpose here. If you have a bag full of excuses about why you can’t do this or that, after reading this book, I promise you’ll end up burning that bag of excuses. Get ready to start living your purpose by clicking here.



This is by far one of my favorite books. The best example we have of someone who shows love to others is Jesus… then Bob Goff. I love this book and everything that it encouraged me to personally do for others. You won’t regret this one.




I love this book!!!! It has stories about how to put love in action! I’m just going to leave this link here for you to watch a video of Bob explaining it best. ENJOY!




A devo to help you love your spouse that much better. Each day is a new day to love and draw closer to God in order to find out the correct way to love your spouse. We all know it’s a choice to love others. Choosing to do this daily becomes so rewarding on multiple different levels.




I love this book for its specificity. This book is for the wife who’s seeking out God while being married. The more I read, the more I felt able to love my husband the way that God wanted me to.




I got this book from one of my good friends. It definitely changed my perspective about what marriage is actually all about. I came into the marriage thinking about what I could get from the marriage. After reading the book, I’ve adopted a progressive perspective of “What can I bring to the marriage?”




This is such a good book to have BEFORE getting married or even dating! Knowing about the things that will come to your marriage once your married and being able to prepare through the word of God is a really great step to a great marriage.




A group of my friends and I started meeting to read this book. I didn’t get through it completely, but I definitely plan on it. It’s really interesting because in the Bible we are only given a small portion of these women and their stories. This book is a compilation of 5 women God chose and tells their story from THEIR perspective.