Family Fun for Easter Sunday

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What’s the meaning of Easter to you? The meaning of Easter for me is the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection after being dead in the tomb for 3 days!! So, I’ve always wanted to try making it to a sunrise service at a church. The only problem with that is that I am by no means a morning person. But He knows my heart. A lot of people celebrate this specific Sunday in many ways; egg hunts, egg coloring, taking pictures with the Easter bunny, etc. I truly love all of the excitement for the holiday, but I am one for being all inclusive. So why not incorporate the two? Check out these ideas for incorporating the Easter bunny and the REAL meaning of Easter Sunday (Resurrection Sunday).

1. Easter Scavenger Hunt

Feels Like Home has such a fun idea to incorporate the Easter egg hunting and the gospel of Jesus. It is simply a scavenger hunt explaining the story of Jesus’s life, death and resurrection through this scavenger hunt. If you’re interested in trying this scavenger hunt out, Tara includes a free printable template for you on her website. I grew up with the importance of Jesus always being front and center during the holidays, so I really loved this idea that Tara came up with. If you try it out, let me know how your family liked it.

2. Give a Gift

Honestly, there’s nothing better than getting a gift from someone ESPECIALLY if you’re a kid.. or a kid at heart. 🙂 I have a heart for children and find it so important to “Train up a child in the way he should go..” . When it comes to holidays such as Easter, kids can miss the whole purpose of what they are actually celebrating. Why not change things up this Easter and get them a gift (or put it in their Easter basket) that will help them with understanding what it’s all about. I fell in love with the series of these books by Lisa Tawn Bergren. The one I would suggest for this Easter is God Gave Us Easter where the little polar bear asks questions about Easter while her papa bear tells her all about the holiday! Like I said, this is a series that I’m sure you’d love for your little arrows. Let me know what you and your family thought of the book!

3. Go to a Church Service

There are many people who don’t necessary believe that they need church, but for some reason on Easter and Christmas, the attendance skyrockets… that’s none of my business. All I am saying is that if church ain’t your thing, at least go on Easter. At least you will hear what the holiday is actually all about whether you “feel” any different or not. Google the nearest Bible believing and teaching church, and I can guarantee at least 2 different services for Easter Sunday. Like I said, whether you do it every Easter and Christmas or this is your first time even considering it, just do it so you have an idea what the real meaning of Easter is. 😉

4. Family Time

I come from a Hispanic family who will celebrate anything and everything if they had unlimited funds. Anytime we can have time together, eat together, listen to music together, or just be with each other, we do it. So what would be better than spending the quality time we all desire to have than that special Resurrection Sunday? Nothing actually! Take this special Sunday to reflect on what the actual importance is. See Resurrection Sunday for exactly what it was meant for- to free a sin enslaved world from death through the death and resurrection (3 days later) of Jesus just so that we could be reconciled to God. *cue all the heart emojis and dancing girl*





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